Download the Official P90X Nutrition Plan PDF for Free

For a while, if you had lost your nutrition plan, your were sort of out luck. You could either borrow one from a friend (good luck, they’re not easily parted with!) or try your best to piece the info together from memory. With the three different levels and the way they changed the recipes to maximize your results, it was a definite downer to have go through the course without it (I accidentally left mine at my aunt’s house and was jonesing it for days :)).

Well, a while back Beachbody decided to help those unfortunate folks out offered it is a free PDF download. It’s nearly 100% identical to the original (there are a few minor, insignificant changes), so print it out to your heart’s content and get back on track!

» Click here to download it

Remember, on our site, we do the best we can to add great-tasting new recipes that can serve as adjuncts to the ones that already exist in the official plan. We have a bunch of new ones in the works (they’re still in the testing eating phase), so look out for them soon.

Finally, if you’re serious about P90X, I can’t tell you enough how important it is to stick to the nutrition program. Yeah, you’ll see some results by just doing the reps, but you’ll only ratchet it up by changing the type of fuel you toss in your body (basic 87 octane’s gotta go, go with the premium stuff). Rant over, I’ve just seen too many people take food and nutrition for granted. Good luck guys!

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